Accounts & Transactions (v3.1)

Retrieve client account information.

Amortization Schedule

A service that calculates and provides a breakdown of the number of payments provided with mortgage amount, amortization period and other details.

Confirmation of Funds (v3.1)

Provide a yes or no response to the request for confirmation on the availability of funds from a card-based payment instrument issuer (CBPII)

Generate Access Token (v1.0)

OAuth Access Token generation

Minimum Down Payment

Calculates the minimum down payment required for a given purchase price of a house. This down payment is a major criteria for determining the product eligibility.

Payment Initiation (v1.0)

Initiate a payment on behalf of a client.

Payment Initiation (v3.1)

Initiate a payment on behalf of a client.

Product Value API

Provides access to credit card rates and fees through a business oriented interface. These values are organized in terms of line of business, product family, and individual products.

RBC Branch Locator

Searches for RBC Branch Locations in Canada, quick and easy and return a list of all the nearby branches as per the search criteria.

RBC Branch Session

Creates a new session used in conjunction with the RBC Branch Locator API. Each session will provide the user with access to use the RBC Branch Locator API.

Safety Deposit Box Inventory API

This API shows the presence of safety deposit boxes at a specified branch. The API accepts a branch transit number and returns a message.